Safety Is Key

Our belief that a "safe company is a productive company" produces daily successes and long-term results

Our entire team strives to go home each and every day having caused zero harm to personnel or the environment. Competent people at all levels contribute to a culture that champions our Health, Safety & Environment program.

PME consistently works to protect the health and safety of all employees, whether it be its own, or those of its clients and subcontractors. At PME, safety is not a practice; it is a culture. As a result, this company has instituted a wide range of programs to enhance health, safety, and lifestyle choices, including a Responsive Modified Work Program that enhances the workplace, and ensures employees can safely tackle their tasks.

Environmentally Conscious

PME’s commitment to protecting the environment and conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner is founded on our expectation of meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental regulatory requirements. We recognize environmental performance is important to our stakeholders and the communities in which we work. PME Inc. strives to continually improve our programs and put procedures in place to mitigate potential impacts to the environment.

Project environmental planning includes identifying and complying with all applicable approvals, permits, authorizations and notifications. The project Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plan ensures that all environmental aspects are addressed at the field level.

Culture At PME

At PME, we do everything we can to give one another the opportunity to do great things. We provide each other the freedom, trust and flexibility we need to continually redefine what PME is.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At PME, inclusion and diversity means to respect and value our differences. We recognize the benefits arising from employee diversity; great ideas come from differing perspectives, which are developed by various experiences, which means that you need a diverse set of people.

Indigenous Engagement

Working together to build strong sustainable communities.

PME Inc. is committed to building and maintaining equitable, transparent, and strong working relations with Indigenous partners. The partnerships and relationships with Indigenous communities are a priority in the work that is performed with exceptional services. PME celebrates staff, business partners, and community and does so in the following ways:

  • Indigenous Project Development
  • Indigenous Participation Plan, Cultural Safety and Training
  • Indigenous Procurement Strategy
  • Funds Sourcing for Indigenous Projects

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