Health & Safety

The policy of the entire PME team is to provide every employee and contractor with safe and healthy working conditions that are free from all recognized hazards. To ensure this, all PME employees comply with established policies and procedures that have been developed to meet, or exceed, the legislative requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Canada (OH&S). PME believes all accidents are preventable, given safety management systems are consistently applied, and adhered to.

PME consistently works to protect the health and safety of all employees, whether it be its own, or those of its clients and subcontractors. At PME, safety is not a practice; it is a culture. As a result, this company has instituted a wide range of programs to enhance health, safety, and lifestyle choices, including a Responsive Modified Work Program that enhances the workplace, and ensures employees can safely tackle their tasks.

PME's safety culture can be further described below:

  • "Safety is Line Management Driven.”
    Safety responsibilities and expectations for all levels of Line Management are clearly identified and communicated. Safety training is provided to enable supervisors to fulfill their obligations.

  • “What Gets Measured Gets Done”

At PME, health and safety adherence is not only demanded of upper management, but of every employee and contractor. PME's overall commitment to health and safety is demonstrated in its ongoing improvement of its comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment Program.


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