Through continuous safety and loss-control initiatives, PME creates an accident-free workplace that protects both employees and the environment.


PME consistently strives to reduce its environmental footprint, and to preserve the environment for future generations. They manage all projects in a manner that best identifies, minimizes, and mitigates the harmful environmental impacts of project planning, construction, and demobilization.

At PME, every manager, employee, and subcontractor plays an essential role in enforcing affirmative environmental impacts. This company believes that exemplary environmental practices are essential to fulfilling business goals, enhancing client value, and meeting the needs of all project stakeholders.

PME employees at every level are responsible for implementing the company’s environmental initiatives. Upper management supports this initiative by urging all employees to participate, and by providing them with all relevant equipment, training, and procedures. All employees are responsible for following for taking the appropriate actions to protect the environment, and for improving current environmental practices. Only complete and active participation by everyone, throughout every task, can deliver the environmental excellence expected of PME.


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