Safety Mission Statement:

PME strives to provide a safe work environment at all times, and to prevent incidents at every turn. The health and safety of employees is more than a priority for this company, it is a fundamental value that shapes its continued existence and future.

As part of this initiative, PME commits to:

  • Making “Work Safely” the first consideration in all plans and work execution
  • Engaging Employees and Subcontractors in this mission, and holding them to it
  • Applying uniform safety standards to every individual who joins the operation
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets to achieve our goals of Zero
  • Monitoring health and safety with performance metrics to promote continuous improvement
  • Providing training on safety and loss prevention, and safe work practices
  • “Pausing” before proceeding to prevent extensive injury or error

Health and safety practices are enforced by members of PME's senior management team, who abide by the highest standards. These individuals do not accept failure, and ensure that health and safety objectives are met in all operations.


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